Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SiliconHouse.net Chennai has the worst customer service in the world, fumes an angry Arshi Khan as models' website goes down

Bollywood actress and model Arshi Khan is livid and visibly angry. And the firebrand model has every right to be so. The actress who is about to leave in a few days’ time for Pakistan to shoot a reality show titled "Arshi Ka Swayamvar" woke up on Tuesday morning to find her video links on Facebook and other social media networking sites linking to a suspended website.  The suspended website concerned was the portal www.indianewsnetwork.in which also hosts all of Arshi Khan’s digital content.
Says fashion designer and media personality Flynn Remedios, who is the Editor and Publisher of the concerned news portal IndiaNewsnetwork.IN, "We had uploaded some exclusive selfies of Arshi Khan on Monday night which we found on the internet. The same selfies and post links were shared on our Facebook page as well as Arshi Khan's official page. This generated a spike in traffic with lots of hits to the server, resulting in an increased load on the server CPU. This is very normal for a news website and the hosting company Chennai-based SiliconHouse.net should not have suspended the website completely. They did not give us any intimation or did not contact us at all, instead directly suspended the portal in the middle of the night, says the senior journalist.
“In fact we had contacted Siliconhouse.net recently to upgrade to a dedicated VPS hosting service, but they gave us ridiculously priced hosting plans which were much higher than the market rate. We also found that their service levels and response time to our support queries was pathetic and hence we did not go in for a dedicated VPS hosting and were considering other service providers. In the meanwhile, without giving us any prior notice or intimation, Siliconhouse.net suspended the news portal www.indianewsnetwork.in in the middle of the night. In spite of contacting customer service in the afternoon, they kept on directing and re-directing us to different customer service staff. We asked them to transfer our call to a senior executive or company director or company CEO, but our calls just kept going back and forth between 2-3 CSEs who even refused to give us their full names. This is a blackmail tactic to force us to upgrade to a VPS hosting, but given our bad experience with SiliconHouse.net, we did not want to continue doing business with them. We however requested them to re-start the website for the time being as we had already paid them for one year's service and the spike in traffic was not a regular affair. news websites do experience such spikes in traffic now and then and the hosting provider must be equipped to handle such traffic bursts. Suddenly we received an email from them stating that our website would be activated within 45 minutes if we upgraded to a semi dedicated corporate hosting plan which costs Rs 59,000 annually. This is evidence enough to prove that the company SiliconHouse.net was trying to blackmail us into paying more by suspending our website and denying us hosting services for which we had already paid in advance for one year. We even agreed to pay extra, but we received an email saying, 'we are speaking with the concerned team and we will update you". We had paid for one year in advance for a basic hosting plan with 100 GB of bandwidth transfer per month or 1200 GB per year. Instead of re-activating the website immediately, they kept forcing us to upgrade and even when we were ready to pay extra there was no proper response from the company, explains senior scribe and fashion designer Flynn Remedios.
Arshi Khan says, "The company Siliconhouse.net should have at least given us a prior notice 24 to 48 hours before suspending the website. There was no warning email, nothing. And even after contacting them to re-start the website, the only gave us one line, cryptic responses. We were ready to pay more, but there was no professional response from the company. They would not even give us the names of their senior management. They have no complaint or grievance escalation process. And their customer service is horribly pathetic. All my photographs, videos and other digital content is hosted on www.indianewsnetwork.in and if the hosting provider suspends the website without notice, it is a matter of grave concern for me," said Arshi Khan.
Arshi Khan has planned to take the hosting company SiliconHouse.net to court for suspending her website without giving any notice. "I am going to file a civil case for damages worth Rs 10 crore against SiliconHouse.net for suspending the website without giving us any advance notice or intimation and not responding to our requests to restart the website, in spite of explaining the urgency to their staff,” said Arshi Khan.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Drink n Drive with Isabella Spagnolo

Isabella Spagnolo
 the Italian Non-Alcoholic Fashion Drink Forays into Asian Market with a Grand Launch conceptualized and organized in Mumbai by Shrinne Entertainment celebrating Red Carpet Moments.  We advocate strongly that with Isabella Spagnolo in our city we shall fearlessly “Drink and Drive” says Chandreyie Sarkar – CEO Shrinne Entertainment

Mumbai 22nd August 2015: Isabella Spagnolo, an Italian Non-Alcoholic Fashion Red Carpet Drink launched its foray into the Asian Market with a Grand Launch Party introducing Anup Bhatia and Isabella Spagnolo (The Armani Supermodel) and executed by Shrrine Entertainment at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai. The event saw the red carpet celebrations for trendsetters in various fields like Fashion Stylist and Make-Up Ojas Rajani, Fashion Designer duo Riddhi Siddhi of Mapxencar’s, Fashion Choreographer Alison Woodham, Car Mini Cooper, Trendsetter Jewellery Gitanjali Jewels, Fitness Suren Joshi I Think Fitness and Health and Wellness Shelly Khera of Slim Sutra. Other celebs who graced the occasion were ,Karan Oberoi, Nazia Hussain and Gwen Athaid. The exclusive red carpet themed fashion preview by riddhi siddi mapxencars was one of the highlights of the special evening . The range of isabella collection was unveiled with grandeur and grace by Isabella and the trendsetters at the fashion Preview.

The collection has been specially designed by Italian fashion Supermodel Isabella Spagnolo for those who love to pop a bottle of bubbly yet a non-alcoholic drink for various personal reasons, including religious, health, medical, age or if they just happen to be driving. So years later drawing on her PhD in Bio Science and Economics, Isabella worked at producing a 100% non-alcoholic fashion drink while following a wine production process that holds a world patent. The drinks are produced from high quality Glera grapes (the same variety that is used for producing Prosecco wines in Italy’s Veneto region) and follow the Prosecco production process.

The process for producing the Isabella range is distinct in that, these are not wines from which the alcohol has been removed, but are produced in a way that the juice of crushed grapes is not allowed to ferment in the first place. With delicate flavours, soft hues, infused with the effervescence of sparkling wines, light and refreshing, the drinks recreate the pleasures of popping a bubbly as they are styled just like sparkling wines, complete with the traditional champagne-styled bottles with natural cork that pop loudly when opened. 

“It was while walking the ramp at fashion shows in the Gulf and also in international fashion capitals as an Armani super model that Isabella observed Muslim guests sipping on soft drinks. She felt it would be really nice it they could enjoy a non-alcoholic sparkling wine”, says Anup Bhatia, National Brand Representative, Isabella No Alcohol Collections, and Promoter, Imported Brands Marketeers India.

“The sole objective of this drink is to give the consumers a taste of wine without the alcoholic effects. This shall make the event look stylized and also equally healthy,’ concludes Isabella Spagnolo who initiates this one-of-its-kind concept. The idea was to bring across the message that now you can Drink and Drive and yet go scott free.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Celebs throng artist Krupa Shah's exhibition ‘REFLECTIONS’ inspired from AUM

Krupa Shah has received prestigious awards and participated in significant group exhibitions at different venues in India and abroad over the last 5 years.  She is self-taught artist, her deep interest in painting and her desire to be unique enabled her to develop an artistic hand at abstract painting, beside other styles.

Her paintings are based on the transformation and evolution of the nature and universe. Her paintings depict oneness of all beings on earth.  She tells IndyaWire.com ‘I believe that colors are a major part of an individual’s life. It is very important to balance the hues. Green and red are my favorite.’

 She quotes, “Art is everywhere, you just have to put your eye on it and may be at times contemplate on it to get into its skin.”

Speaking about her current (on-going) exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery in south Mumbai, she says my new collection of Paintings ‘REFLECTIONS’ are inspired from AUM - OM.

In conversation with Manjari Yadav of IndyaWire.com, Krupa says, "While meditating I keep on chanting Aum-OM which fills you up with energy and vibrations and colors keeping your mind away from wondering. As I passed different levels in meditation,  I started observing strong colors and hues. I also experienced different strokes in the colors due to the different level of frequencies and vibrations which were evolved by my subconscious mind while meditating. These are the colors and feelings that I portray in my paintings. Colors have a different connectivity with human beings like green connects with nature and so on".

Some of her paintings on display include Ishwara, Shivalik, Eternity, Ataman, Sthana - which are also the names of the paintings.

There are over 38 paintings on display - all acrylic color on canvas. When asked why she prefers acrylic on canvas, she says, canvas has better durability. "I like to work with the best. Acrylic color gives an artist a lot of freedom."

This is Krupa Shah's first solo exhibition, though she has jointly exhibited several times with other artistes. Krupa Shah's paintings have travelled around the Globe and she has participated in shows and combined exhibitions at places like Dubai, Chicago, Delhi, Lisbon-Portugal, Pune, Calcutta, Mumbai.

"Most people do not know what abstract art is," opines Shah. Size-wise, the largest painting on display is a 5 ft x 7 ft Shivalik which is approximately priced at Rs 5.25 lakh. The smallest is a 2 ft x 2 ft painting titled Prana (or Pran) and is priced at approximately Rs 60 Thousand.

Krupa Shah plans to do several shows in December - at the Taj  Mumbai in Mumbai,  Lalit Kala Kendra Delhi and Taj Vivanta at Hyderabad.

Several celebrities visited the exhibition and congratulated artist Krupa Shah. They include actor Aslam Khan, socialite and businessman Parvez Damania, director Srikant Velagalati, actor Rio Kapadia, music director Shyam, singer Kumar Sanu, director Hemant Nilim Das, model Laila Panda, actress Mishti Chakroborty, theater and media personality Dolly Thakore, Padmashree Nana Chudasama and many others.

Friday, July 3, 2015

21-year-old Beed girl Paree Kapoor is Rainbow TeleFilms India Miss Mumbai 2015 semi-finalist

21-year-old college student and aspiring model Paree Kapoor was today selected as a semi-finalist for the Miss Mumbai 2015 pageant. Paree Kapoor who originally hails from Ambajogai in Beed near Latur is now based in Mumbai. She earlier completed her schooling from Pune and moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting. The pageant Miss Mumbai 2015 and Mr & Miss Maharashtra 2015 is organised by news portal IndyaNewz.com. Paree was also voted the selfie queen in a sub-contest.

Meanwhile, Mumbai model Akash R and Bhopal-based Vibha S will represent India in Spain at the Mr & Miss Globe International. Akash R who stands 6.2" in height and is an electronics and telecom engineer from Mumbai and Vibha S an upcoming model and actress from Bhopal were selected as finalists for the Mr & Miss Maharashtra Online 2015 pageant.  The two were selected after they bagged the maximum number of votes in the online voting category which includes votes, shares, LIKES and comments posted by friends and fans on Facebook and other social networking sites. Akash R who is also an aspiring actor, studied at the Utkarsh Mandir school in Malad and then went on to do his BE in Electronics and Telecommunication from the BGPIT college in Mumbai. A Scorpio, Akash loves watching TV and listening to music in his free time.  


Photo Credits: IndyaNewz.com

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don't Enter Bollywood, Says Bollywood Photographer Camaal Mustafa Sikander

Here is a message to all Bollywood aspirants from Bollywood Photographer : Camaal Mustafa Sikander

OK, tell me frankly, how many Bollywood Stars can you count on your fingers ? 10 ? 20 ? 30 ?

It will be easy to name the first ten Bollywood Stars, little difficult to name the next ten and only a very die-hard Bollywood fan would be able to name twenty and above. It won’t take a Scientific calculator for you to evaluate your chance among 1.27 billion people in India.

In spite of losing a prospective client, the very first question that I ask to anybody who approaches me to do their BOLLYWOOD PORTFOLIO is whether his or her family is dependent on their income. If the answer is yes, then I advise them not to enter Bollywood.

Apart from talent, passion & dedication, you will also need time & money to come & try your luck in Bollywood. If you don't have theater experience, then you will need about two years and approx. 2-3 lacs INR to learn all the skills that you will need in Bollywood and about 4-5 lacs to take care of your expenses for about 2 yrs.

After that will start the Audition rounds where you will compete with hundreds of other aspirants like you. If you don't have enough buffer stock of money to sustain yourself in Mumbai, you might get involved in a vicious circle here, to use a crude analogy, Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke.

So just don't get carried away by the glamour, but take a informed decision to enter Bollywood!

Do share it with your friends who may be contemplating a career in Bollywood.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Super star Amitabh Bachchan with Chandreyie Sarkar and Varun Raj at the launch of worldoo.com

The worldoo.com, an internet forum for kids aged between 6 to 12 yrs was recently launched in Mumbai. The teams responsible to execute the launch were Tryangle and Shrinne Entertainment. While precision was the key element driving all aspects of creative and production, the challenge was to make the launch extremely impactful within stringent deadlines. The launch was a blend of a ground event within the banquet area of a plush suburban 5-star venue, along with a team of high-end tech experts filming the launch start to end, making it appear like reality coverage. This was made possible under the sharp supervision of Director Varun Raj - Tryangles  who knew exactly what he wanted from the day he conceptualized the show and selected the Production House to execute the launch on the ground.  Says Ms Chandreyie Sarkar – Director, Shrinne Entertainment . “I was briefed and guided from the first day, by Varun on the do’s and don’ts in order to keep the scale of production high without any compromise in quality. The blend of a film company and an event firm together launched worldoo.com in the presence of Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachchan along with Director Focus Kids Monish Ghatalia (worldoo.com)

"The production quality was impeccable and team Shrinne entertainment was absolutely hands-on with our requirements. We had few critical last minute alterations and changes which were put in order perfectly with absolute finesse. Chandreyie Sarkar was personally present at all times for every production-related communication and as well as execution. We had a great experience working together at this scale and look forward to many more, " said Varun raj - director Tryangle, speaking to AsiaWire.in.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Models Akash R and Vibha S in Mr & Miss Maharashtra Online 2015 final round

Akash R who stands 6.2" in height and an electronics and telecom engineer from Mumbai and Vibha S an upcoming model and actress from Bhopal were selected as finalists for the Mr & Miss Maharashtra Online 2015 pageant.  The two were selected after they bagged the maximum number of votes in the online voting category which includes votes, shares, LIKES and comments posted by friends and fans on Facebook and other social networking sites. Akash R who is also an aspiring actor, studied at the Utkarsh Mandir school in Malad and then went on to do his BE inElectronics and Telecommunication from the BGPIT college in Mumbai. A Scorpio, Akash loveswatching TV and listening to music in his free time.  

The finale for the Mr, Ms & Mrs Maharashtra 2015 pageant will be held in Mumbai around June-end-July and about 40 male and female models are busy grooming themselves for the event.

According to an interview with news portal, IndyaNewz.com, Vibha is keen on taking up acting as a career and has decided to move to Mumbai very soon. Speaking to IndyaNewz.com from Bhopal, Vibha said, “I want to pursue a career in acting. Acting has always been my dream. I started modeling a few years ago and was the winner of Miss Madhya Pradesh. I will move to Mumbai – first for the finale of the Miss Maharashtra Pageant and then to pursue a career in acting.” Vibha has done several print catalog shoots and other local films in Bhopal over the last several years.

Vibha was selected for the Miss Maharashtra Online pageant, after she too bagged the maximum number of votes in the online voting category which includes votes, shares, LIKES and comments posted by friends and fans on Facebook. Two other models – one from Delhi Preeti Jain and another from Odisha Simran Basu were selected as the second and third runners up respectively, according to an IndyaNewz.com report.

Photo Credits: IndyaNewz.com


Celebs and Hot Models relax and unwind at the City Week Ender- a Perfect Luxury Mixer in Mumbai

Shrinne Entertainment presented The City Week Ender- A Perfect Luxury Mixer with a perfect blend of art, entertainment, fashion and innovation. The show was produced and conceptualized by Shrinne Entertainment and supported by BMW, MINI.

ART: Artist Rashmi Pitre - Showcased her latest Collection of Abstract Painting; ENTERTAINMENT: Live Band by the gorgeous Vandana Vadehra, Sheldon Pereira and members to play live; INNOVATION: By Chef, Shivraj (KIPOS) with Greek Cuisines, Wine and Beer Mixtures; FASHION: You.

Kick up your feet, drop down a gear or two, and have a relaxing sojourn through this lovingly compiled section of Art, Entertainment, innovation and Fashion. You don't have to fly to Paris or London to see some fine art. Although there are several escapes close to the city, owing to the hectic lives of Mumbaikars, weekend getaways are an indispensable part in order to get the much required refreshment.

Glitz and glamour, gloss and shine “The City Week Ender- A Perfect Luxury Mixer” redefined the opulence of the weekend. Bollywood stars were the biggest attraction at the fiesta conceptualized by Shrinne Entertainment. The evening witnessed a creme-de-la-creme crowd comprising of Vithal Kamat unveiled the painting exhibition of Rashmi Pitre, Ejaz Khan, Vivek Dhawan, Shakir Shaikh, Aziz Zee, Roma Navani, Shewta Khanduri, Pianist Deepak Shah, Bob Bhrambhatt, Parvez Damania, Ruslan Mumtaz, Adi Irani, Shiva, Vandana Vadera, Pallavi Rajdev (Marketing Head, Blendkraft - India) and many others.

It is a well known fact that clicking selfies have become a fad among Bollywood stars. This fact was clearly evident on Sunday evening where post posing for the photographers present; everybody started clicking selfies on their cell phones. So letting your hair down, Shrinne Entertainment presented “The City Week Ender- A Perfect Luxury Mixer” Chandreyie Sarkar of Shrine Entertainment speaking to AsiaWire.in, says, “It’s an attempt to give the Mumbaikars a pleasant weekend with everything what one asks for under one roof. For all those who would like to ditch the typical lounges and clubs; this proofed to be one perfect evening for them with the best of art, fashion, entertainment and innovation all under the same roof”.

Garnering much applause for her talent, a well known face on television Rashmi Pitre exhibited her latest collection of Abstract Painting in various colors, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale.  Serene, detailed & majestic is what describes her paintings, she says. Abstract art can be a painting or sculpture (including assemblage) that does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world -- even in an extremely distorted or exaggerated way.

The evening witnessed a Live Band by the gorgeous Vandana Vadehra, Sheldon Pereira and members to play live. Vandana Vadehra is synonymous with a sensual husky baritone vocals, ranging from a mellow extremely low key to a high pitched falsetto, traversing a plethora of musical range, emotions, modulations’ and situations, packaged in this versatile singer’s and emcee's voice! A live wire stage performer par excellence, she can belt out melodies in English, Hindi and Punjabi, the languages. Bestowed with the mesmerizing voice, Sheldon Pereira along with the band members performed live and set the ambiance with light-hearted music and drowned the crowd with their melodious voices.

Exploring Greece was an extraordinary experience that provided one and all with an insight on food, culture and heritage. They say in order to explore a city, tasting the best cuisines of that place is mandatory. Chef, Shivraj of KIPOS took guests on short trip to Greece with his delicious delicacies along with Wine and Beer mixtures.

Yes! It’s you, your style, your attitude to get the required fashion to the event. So put on your tie and slip on your clothes and dress to impress. Make sure you step out in panache and whether going desi or glamorous, pep up your look and add to the merriment. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kathak Queen Sitara Devi wanted to meet PM Narendra Modi

Kathak Queen Sitara Devi wanted to meet PM Narendra Modi, wrote a letter to the PM few weeks before her death

The last letter that Sitara Devi wrote was to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Just a few weeks before she was admitted to the Cumballa Hill Hospital, dancing legend Sitara Devi in a recorded video interview had told IndyaNewz.com that she wanted to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sitara Devi was a great fan of Modi and hoped that Modi would help her get her dance academy moving. All her hopes were pinned on Modi. She even wrote a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested us to forward it to him, says Flynn Remedios, Editor of IndyaNewz.com. The letter was dictated by Sitara Devi to her daughter Kathak guru Jayanti Mala Mishra who penned it down in the presence of a couple of her students and handed it over to the Editor of IndyaNewz.com. That was probably the last letter that Sitara Devi would write. A copy of that letter still is in possession with IndyaNewz.com and is published below. READ THE LETTER HERE.

For the last 30-35 years Sitara Devi had been running from pillar to post to get a plot of land in Mumbai, sanctioned for a dance academy which she planned to set up. At her insistence about six months ago, on the 26th of March 2014,  IndyaNewz.com launched an online campaign on Facebook titled "Support Sitara Devi" (Facebook.com/support.sitara.devi), but like the dancing queen's efforts, the campaign fell on deaf ears. A very sad tribute to the fallen legend, the campaign did not even get  50 LIKES on their Faceboook page and was abandoned by the organisers.  Says Flynn Remedios, "We tried to popularize the cause, but there was no response.  We had to abandon it as there were no funds and even the media was not so supportive."

A scanned image of the letter can be found at the link below