Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bollywood actress Shradha Sharma's nude sex clip crops up in Ahmedabad


By Rajesh Sawant – Futuristic Media Network

After the Salman-Katrina, Roadie Tammna and the MTV Splitsvilla participant Sakshi Pradhan sex clip scandals, the latest sex clip to crop up is that of the voluptuous and curvaceous Shradha Sharma. According to Shradha Sharma’s media manager, Flynn Remedios, the clip surfaced in Ahmedabad and is now available on the internet and is fast spreading via Bluetooth all over the country. “I have not yet seen the clip,” said Shradha, adding, please send me a copy if you get one.

One techie said that the sex clip may also contain a mobile phone virus in disguise given the rapid progress the clip has made in just about two days. The clip was first officially reported in Ahmedabad on Wednesday when a journalist from a local English tabloid called up Shradha’s manager for a clarification. The clip seems to spread to other cell phones if one’s Bluetooth connection is in the “discover” or “search devices” mode. “This looks like more than a movie clip; it’s definitely a mobile phone virus masquerading as a porno sex clip. Maybe somebody renamed the sex clip file as Shradha Sharma as it bears hardly any resemblance to the popular television actress,” said Flynn Remedios.

The fake sex clip which is available on the internet can be VIEWED HERE

Recently Shradha Sharma has been in the news for her link-ups with Dj Shezwood and Raja Chaudhary. The sexy actress has been seen often with both of them sparking rumours that she is dating both of them.

The female in the 1.5 min clip has a vague resemblance to Shradha Sharma and looks like a very amateur fake job. It shows a buxom woman undressing and having sex with a man who looks more like a European than an Indian.